Qualities of Good Architecture

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We are surrounded by architecture every day. Whether it is the places we work, the places we shop, or the places we live, we are always casting our eyes over architecture. But what are the qualities of good architecture? Is good architectural design something that is pleasing to the eye and accentuates the design of the buildings around it? Is it something practical, expertly designed to accommodate movement to allow its guests to navigate through it as efficiently as possible?

While beautiful buildings still exist, modern architecture has shifted its focus to crafting buildings that are practical and functional rather than just aesthetically pleasing. This same practice also applies to residential architecture, with modern design aiming to find the balance between offering plenty of space to move around in while making it convenient for residents to engage in activities. When examining the qualities of good architecture that apply to modern residential design, certain key factors appear.

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The Principles of Modern Architecture

Le Corbusier, the famous Swiss-French architect, is recognised as one of the pioneers of modern architecture. He believed that modern architecture is built on five key principles, and these qualities of good architecture are still prevalent today.


  • Pilotis – The structural weight of the home is created via a grid of concrete pylons. These ensure circulation through the bottom of the building which reduces the risk of surface dampness.
  • Free design of the ground plan – By removing the need for load-bearing walls, it allows more open space in the floor plan that can be used by residents for whatever they wish.
  • Free design of the façade – The exterior of the home is kept separate from the internal design, allowing for the exteriors to be more open and free to be designed in its own unique way.
  • Horizontal window – The definitive way to open a space by allowing in the optimal amount of natural light while allowing residents to view the world outside. They also look pleasant to the eye when viewing the exterior of the home.
  • Roof garden – By allowing space on top of the roof, it allows an extra area for residents to relax and make their own. A well-presented roof garden also makes for a harmonious addition to a home and is an example of good architectural design.

How does modern architecture differ from contemporary design?

It is generally considered the modern architecture period ended in the 1960s, when the scene shifted to more contemporary designs. Modern architecture was categorised by the removal of ornaments and clutter, instead favouring open space. This design choice was challenged as the next generation of architects wished to bring more colour and decoration into their designs, eventually creating residential architecture that felt more welcoming to families.

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