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See Your Dream Before You Build with Virtual Reality Architecture

Thinking further into the future

Creating the house of your dreams is an immense undertaking that requires vision, collaboration and skill. Clements Clark uses VR architecture to provide you with an integrated and immersive visualisation of your new home. Our virtual reality architects understand how important it is to ensure you are completely satisfied with the design process and the finished construction.

2D floor plans and stationary 3D artists’ models have a place. But using them to understand the reason why a certain design choice was made is difficult.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could walk around inside your new home, to make sure everything’s exactly as you want it – before you build? Our team of VR architects have a way to provide you with answers.

We have prepared a virtual reality architecture tool that combines with our architectural design software to let you scrutinise every aspect of your future home, in real time 3D using the HTC VIVE.

Image of inside a modern spacious house Matthew Clements takes a step inside Virtual Reality
Image of inside a modern spacious house Night reveals the hidden beauty of an interior stairwell
A client mesmerised by their home, from the comfort of the CCA office
Image of inside a modern spacious house Afternoon light filtering through the design, all in Virtual Reality
Image of inside a modern spacious house Matthew making live changes at the request of the client

Immerse Yourself

Innovative VR Architecture Suite


Matthew Clements & Nick Clarke of Clements Clarke Architects talk about their state of the art VR architecture suite and how it bridges the gap between 2D architectural drawings and 3D renders.

How Does VR Architecture Work?

We welcome you to enjoy using our equipment at our relaxing Bowen Hills office. Our virtual reality architects can assist you with full virtual walk-through inspections of your new home at critical design milestones. This is an accurate and true room-by-room review of your home design.

We will be following along during your virtual inspection. As you make your way through your home you will be able to consult with us, ask for changes to be made or highlight features you wish to develop further. We are here to help facilitate the creation of your design ideas and want you to be completely confident about the finished work.

Don’t like the size of a window? We can edit it right there and then, so you can see the changes happening live and in real-time. This safeguards and ensures that we have accurately communicated, making sure things are just the way you want them.

Using our virtual reality architects’ tool, you will be able to:

  • See the exterior of your house and landscaping from all angles
  • See your house as it fits on your block of land
  • Walk from room to room to get a sense of the size and space
  • See how furnishings, fittings and fixtures look in your new home

We also geo-sync your home to the location of your block of land so you can see how natural light and your chosen lighting will work in your home, at any time of day.

Clements Clarke Architects wants you to love your new home and feel satisfied that you’re getting precisely what you want. That is why our virtual reality architecture service is inclusive within our fees for full service design and construction projects.

We consider it an investment in giving you the confidence and peace of mind that we are designing the home of your dreams.

Back patio and pool bathed in warm afternoon light
A landscaped garden composed entirely in the digital realm
Fully immerse yourself in the interior of your home
The entire block is synched to its geographic coordinates
Open plan kitchen and living area composed in morning light
Every detail of the home and entertaining areas are rendered in 3D
See your design as it was meant to be – an oasis created for you
Experience elevated views of your home at any time of day


“You can get a sense of size from seeing a room on a piece of paper. Seeing it, experiencing it, all in 3D is something else. I can stand in our living room, turn around and back to our kitchen, or look down through the windows into the courtyard. It really shows how all the rooms fit together. You understand the flow of the house. It honestly felt like we were standing in our own home.”

Ted and Emi Cheng

Frequently Asked Questions

A dialogue with this new architectural voice

1. What was the inspiration behind developing this product?

We wanted a new a way to show our designs to our clients, to get them as excited about their project as we are and to help them better understand the design.

2. How did you conceive and develop the system?

It is combination of multiple platforms all based around our architectural computer modelling software, Revit.

3. Why are you offering this service to your clients? What’s the point?

As professionals we deal with architectural ideas and the drawings associated with them every day. Over the years we have found that some clients can’t always grasp what the 2D plans are conveying.

4. VR seems to still be in its infancy. How close are renders and walkthroughs to what I’ll see after construction is completed?

Where what we are offering is different is your VR experience is based on the architectural model which is used to produce all the 2D architectural drawings, which a builder uses to construct off. What you are seeing in the headset is very accurate representation of your building.

5. What if I don’t like wearing the helmet? Is there a way to experience the technology without having the helmet and controllers?

We can export a version of the rendered house that you can view on your computer monitor and control with your mouse.

6. What can I expect to pay for the use of this system in my project?

This is included as part of our full architectural service. If someone does not wish to engage our full service but still seeks to explore this experience for their project, there will be a separate cost.

7. Has the product been popular? What kind of feedback have you received?

It has been very popular with the clients we have used it with and also other people we have shown. Not only is real-time 3D viewing very practical as a design tool, our VR architects have found that there is a big kid in all of us that loves playing with toys.

Learn how our virtual reality architects can help you! Talk with our Brisbane architects to see how we can help you benefit from using this revolutionary new vision in your next build. Call our VR architects on +61 7 3852 3944 or send an email to