Renovation Architects Brisbane


If you are looking to renovate, Clements Clarke Architects are the renovation architects Brisbane trusts with their home. If you would like an initial free consultation at your home to discuss your options, we would be delighted to sit down with you and talk about it. Once we have initial idea of what your project involves, we can then look at putting pen to paper.

Why Renovate?


Most clients renovate for a number of reasons, including; their current house no longer meets their current lifestyle needs, they love a certain area but can’t find the right property that fits all their requirements and needs, the kids are growing up and they need more space to accommodate the older family, or their house is just outdated and needs a refresh. Since COVID, working from home has become normal for most people so one of the biggest problems we have spoken to people about is space and wanting more personal facilities within their own home. People now want their homes to include a home office, study space or even a home gym. In Brisbane, we are also undertaking new roof decks and more open entertainment spaces. Our homes are once again becoming our sanctuaries.

Before you commence any renovation, it’s important to know what you want to achieve with your renovation architecture and why. Renovating your home, no matter how big or small, requires a serious amount of attention paid to all the details, and having good renovation architects Brisbane trusts to assist you through the process is a must. It is the small things that matter, and every person has at least one thing in the renovation architecture that is important to them above everything else. Our job is to help find those things, maintain them, and enhance them.

Often one of the biggest mistakes people make when renovating is not looking at the project as a whole and rather focus on one room at a time. Renovation architecture needs to be planned out holistically to give your project a consistent look and feel, so that at the end of the build your house feels like a home. Renovating and building a home is a very personal experience and no two houses should be the same, because no two people or families are the same.

Clements Clarke Architects are the renovation architects Brisbane relies on to help make that process easier. Clements Clarke Architects will work closely with you, so you are a part of the process, rather than just a passenger. We can assist you through the entire journey from planning & applications, to selecting your builder. Often extension and renovations may require a Development Application, which we can assist you with. Renovation architecture often has many restraints that affect what can be achieved, but good renovation architects Brisbane will navigate those issues to create an amazing outcome.

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, Clements Clarke Architects are the renovation architects that can help.


Renovating is about adding your needs and wants into the house while understanding and enhancing the character and charm of the original house or it could be about creating something new from within the framework of the old. The house should always be about you, the owner.

If you are looking to renovate and would like to talk further get in touch with Clements Clarke Architects by calling on 07 3852 3944 or to get in touch via the online form.