Building Design Management


Clements Clarke is a leader in building design management. Our team of dedicated architects can take your project from vision to reality, and you’ll know that an experienced guiding hand will be there every step of the way in the architecture and construction management process.

Design and Construction Management

All Under One Roof

Clements Clarke, is best known for creating unique and individualised designs. We are also known for the quality personalised relationships we build and maintain with our clients. But Clements Clarke offers much more than simply that. We also specialise in architectural construction management. Our focus on building design management allows us to constructively and efficiently guide a project through every phase of its development – from design to construction to competition. We are there to oversee any and all aspects of the project, in order to ensure the quality expected from Clements Clarke. This is what our building design and construction system is all about.

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Calculated Building Design Management

The beginning of every project starts with, what is arguably the most important step, establishing a solid plan. We have experienced professional planners who can prepare and anticipate every aspect of the design and construction of any project. Our team has acquired a range of comprehensive skills over time. Their knowledge can ensure that your project begins with a solid foundation.

Combining People & Skills

Building design management is about gathering and organising people with the skills and experience to complete the project effectively and successfully. In the architecture and construction management process many people are involved in the various stages from design to construction. Through our network of contacts, we find the best people to perform any given task at the desired time.

Communicating Effectively

The timely flow of accurate and quality information is paramount to the success of any project. Our architecture and construction management systems have been developed to efficiently disseminate information to the parties that need it when they need it. Our experience with information systems creates a seamless information flow that makes for a successful design and construction project.

The Interdependence of Design and Construction

Having an architectural firm be in charge of the building design management provides several advantages. Design and construction are linked together. The construction of a project creates complexities that the designers will understand better than anyone else. An architectural firm knows and understands the nuances of a project best. Through the implementation of architectural construction management strategies, Clements Clarke can make sure none of the subtleties of the project are overlooked and that the work is held to exacting standards.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

Successfully completing large sophisticated architectural design and construction projects comes from having expertise and ability that can only be acquired with time. It is this kind of accumulated experience that makes our architectural construction management process stand out. For your architectural and construction needs, trust an architectural firm that has been doing this for more than two decades. Trust Clements Clarke.

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