Guide to Modern Office Design Concepts

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Office design has changed dramatically over the years, as more and more companies are taking notice of how modern office concept design can greatly increase employee morale and productivity. As the world has become more aware of improving general employee wellbeing, modern office design concepts have moved away from the drab paints and cubicles that categorised the past. Cluttered rooms that worked to separate employees have given way to more open spaces that encourage collaboration as bonded co-workers typically produce higher quality work.

So, what are the most important factors when it comes to contemporary office design concepts? The following blog will look at what goes into modern office concept design and how these choices, from decorations to desk arrangements, can produce the best possible results for business.

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What is Modern Office Design?

Contemporary office design concepts have been created to better accommodate the humans that are working within the office. Whether it is providing more open space to move around in, desks without walls to promote community, or break areas to relax in, modern office design caters to its occupants. Happy workers are productive workers, and if you take care of them, they are more likely to stay at your company. Modern office design concepts also incorporate more technology into the workplace, whether that is applications like Slack to help employees stay connected or music players to help them stay relaxed.

The Best Modern Office Design Concepts

Provide a Flexible and Ergonomic Workplace

It is important to make your employees feel comfortable while they are at work and that starts by providing them with high quality seating and adjustable desks. If your workers are going to be sitting for most of the day, they will want to be sitting on chairs that provide adequate comfort and support, as uncomfortable seating can cause complications and lapses in productivity. Likewise, providing your workplace with desks that can have their height adjusted allows employees to cater their workspace to suit them, such as raising their desks to standing level so they can re-energise.

Open the Office Up to Nature

Offices can run the risk of becoming stale environments if they are surrounded by the same plain white décor, so invest in some plants to liven up the area. The sight of nice, green plants can bring some visual splendour to the office and improve the mood of those who reside near them, while also providing clean air to the building. Utilising spaces that generate plenty of natural light are also great, as the sight of the outside world on a nice, sunny day can brighten the mood of your employees. You can even go one step further by adopting an office pet for the staff to care for, encouraging a tighter connection among them all.

Integrate Technology into the Building’s Design

As society is becoming more and more reliant on technology, this same technology focus is becoming more apparent in the workplace. It is important to include plenty of charging points around the office to ensure the office’s devices remain running. Also consider planning for some of your computers to include cameras in case the office needs to take part in video calls, and do not be afraid to incorporate certain work-related applications into the workspace to increase productivity.

Design Your Workplace With Space in Mind

A cluttered work area can be hard to navigate and cause employees to lose time as they are forced to move from one side of an office to the other to accomplish simple tasks. Make considerations for the placement of devices like printers and scanners so they are in easy to reach areas and not too far from the devices they are linked to. Using applications like Slack for employee communication will also reduce the need for workers to move around and ask each other questions, which could result in areas being blocked. Glass doors and walls can also give the illusion of more space, helping the office to look more open.

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