Your Luxury Home Part 4 – Luxury Laundry Room Ideas

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Contemporary laundry room | Featured image for the Luxury Laundry Room Ideas Blog by Clements Clarke Architects.

The laundry is typically an underrated part of the house, with plenty of homeowners relegating the room to being nothing more than where the washing takes place. A well-designed laundry does wonders to enhance the style and functionality of your home, however, having more to offer than just a washing machine and some extra storage space. The best luxury laundry room ideas create a space that you want to spend time in, making laundry feel less like a chore and more like an excuse to admire the design of the room.

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The Best Luxury Laundry Room Designs

Double Washing Machine

Do you have a large family, with plenty of children resulting in baskets full of dirty clothes each week? Having to do multiple loads of washing drags the day out as you are forced to constantly run clothes between the machine and the washing line. Investing in an extra washing machine is one of the most essential luxury laundry room ideas for big families, or those that want to wash the clothes while also washing the bedding. Stacking the machines on top of each other means they do not have to take up extra floor space and creates a convenient way to throw multiple loads in at once.

Open Layout

Often when we picture the laundry room, we imagine cramped spaces stuffed away behind a kitchen or next to a bathroom. Your laundry doesn’t need to be hidden away, however, with a large open layout being one of the best luxury laundry room designs for those that want their laundry to be its own designated room. A large, open laundry allows you to easily navigate the space, not having to worry about bumping into walls and door frames as you carry baskets through. The extra space is also great for storage, allowing you to store things like camping gear and sports equipment that don’t fit anywhere else.

Embrace Natural Light

Your laundry no longer needs to be a cramped room with a single lightbulb, as incorporating natural light into the space helps it to feel warm and inviting. While most luxury laundry room ideas focus on creating a more visually pleasing room, let the light of the sun do that for you as it casts the room in a golden glow. Having plenty of windows in your laundry achieves this effect, while installing a skylight allows you to stare up at the open sky as you fold your clothes and place them in the washer. Windows also allow you to see how the weather is tracking, meaning no more nasty surprises as you carry your load outside only to discover it’s raining.

Match Your Walls and Floors

Tiles are perfect for the laundry as they create functional yet stylish flooring for the space. Nobody wants wet carpet, making tiles the optimal choice for your washing area. Marble flooring is also a great option, helping to elevate the look of the laundry to create a room that you can’t help but gaze into as you pass by. Pair marble flooring with marble walls to create an inspired look that will have your laundry the envy of your guests.

Pamper Your Pets

Our pets mean the world to us, making it important that we give the world to them. While our cats and dogs often have the run of the house, creating a designated space for them is a great way to have them feeling comfortable in your home. Use the extra space in your laundry to create a small bedroom for them, installing a comfy and designated sleep space for them to rest in when everyone turns in for the night. For those pets that love a good pampering, install a pet bath in your laundry so you can give them a good scrubbing when they come back from playing covered in all manner of muck. Never do laundry alone again as your pets keep you company.

Bring Your Luxury Laundry Room Ideas to Life

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