Your Luxury Home Part 5 – Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

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Modern luxury kitchen design in wood and marble | Featured image for the Luxury Kitchen Design Blog by Clements Clarke Architects.

For many, the kitchen is the heart of a home. Whether you are preparing a feast for you and your family or are whipping up something simple for a lunchtime snack, the kitchen allows us to bring our culinary creations to life. This means it is important for your home to feature a luxury kitchen design, as no one wants to be restricted by the functionality of a basic kitchen. Transforming your kitchen allows you to create more of the food you crave, entertain more guests, transcend into an oasis of cooking mastery, whilst increasing the value of your home.

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The Best Luxury Kitchen Ideas

Butler’s Pantry

Nothing says luxury kitchen design like a butler’s pantry, which is a separate room designed to store what would generally go in your cupboard, as well as a place for preparing meals before they are served. A butler’s pantry can be completely subjective to your home and requirements. The room itself is typically located between the kitchen and dining area, and usually includes a countertop and cabinets. While the butler’s pantry gets its name from the servants who used to sleep in the area, these days they are used for extra storage, to prepare meals for dinner parties, clean ups, or simply as added convenience in the kitchen.

Wine Cooler

Love a glass of white or red while preparing a meal? Rather than having to store your wine amongst the rest of the supplies in your fridge, integrate a wine cooler into the wall or into your benchtop. A wine cooler is the pinnacle of luxury modern kitchen designs for wine lovers, allowing you to pull out a chilled bottle whenever guests arrive, or if you desire a drop with dinner. The cooler itself also allows you to show off your range of wines, acting as a stunning décor piece and allowing your friends or family to browse the selection on offer while you prepare a feast.

Double Oven

Do you often prepare large meals and are forced to wait for something to finish cooking in the oven before you swap in something else? Installing a double oven lets you cook two different meals at the same time, cutting down on your cooking time and allowing you to serve delicious meals sooner. The best luxury kitchen ideas are ones that combine design with functionality, and a double oven is an eye-catching appliance that also improves your quality of living. Pair it with a double dishwasher to save time on cleaning the extra dishes.

Breakfast Nook

Recreate the cosy café vibe in your own home by including a beautiful breakfast nook in your luxury kitchen design. Comfy seating is absolutely essential for a breakfast nook and featuring plenty of cushions goes a long way toward creating the perfect space to enjoy your breakfast and coffee each morning. Attach your nook to a benchtop to create a compact yet cosy dining space, with a leather couch included to bring that luxe café look into your home. Not only does this elevate your morning routine, but it’s a perfect addition to your kitchen and dining space come time to sell – we can’t say no to a well-designed and dedicated breakfast zone.

Double Benchtops

Do you need a lot of space when using the kitchen? Adding a second benchtop to your kitchen space doubles the amount of preparation area available and allows you to work on multiple things at once – think about it; life gets busy. The more space, the merrier. Prepare dinner on one bench while you ready dessert or help the kids with their homework on the other, saving time on having to pack everything away or push it aside just to do something else. Have kids or a partner that love to cook as well? Assign a bench for each person to prepare different stages of a meal at the same time. Love to try new recipes? Spend time with loved ones in the kitchen while creating something special, without the stress of needing added space for everything required.

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