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We have all been taught to not judge a book by its cover, but despite our best intentions, first impressions do count for something. Your home’s façade is going to be the first thing that guests see when they visit or pass by your house, and you want their first impression of your home to be a dazzling one. Showcasing a great façade is bound to also put a smile on your face every time you come home and appreciate the beautiful design you have created. There are many ways you to achieve this with the help of an experienced architect, and the below luxury home facades ideas will have your house the talk of the neighbourhood.

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Luxury Home Facades Design Principles

Focus Around a Strong Focal Point

When designing anything it is important to have a solid centrepiece to build your design around. For your façade this will most likely be the entrance to your home. A well-designed entranceway easily draws the eye of the viewer before they cast their vision over the surrounding architecture and appreciate the grand design. Your focal point does not need to be at the centre of the façade but can still be striking by using contrasting colours between your entrance and the rest of the exteriors, or even by using different materials.

Balance and Symmetry

A key component of luxury house facades is symmetry, which provides balance to your home’s design. Having the right amount of balance and symmetry in your home’s façade immediately catches the eye. This effect is achieved by incorporating matching effects into your exteriors, such as having the exact same number of windows placed either side of your focal point. Balance is also achieved by having equally sized elements, such as a large window and a garage door, placed on opposite sides to occupy the same amount of visual space.

Make It Uniquely Yours

One trap that homeowners fall into when browsing luxury home facades is to try and copy someone else’s design, creating a visual spectacle without the heart. This is going to be your façade for your home, so instil some of your own character into the design, beyond just using your favourite colours. Do you work from home and wish to have plenty of natural light during working hours? Incorporate plenty of tasteful windows into the design. Your exteriors affect your interiors, so choose a façade design that enhances the lifestyle you wish to lead inside your home.

Keep It Simple

While you certainly want to create a grand design for your façade that has your home looking striking for years to come, you also don’t want to go too over the top and create something that is overwhelming. The best luxury house facades create something beautiful with a minimalist design, drawing the viewer in without bombarding them with dozens of design elements. Going too minimal runs the risk of being boring, however, so it is important to strike the perfect balance between simple and sleek to create a home that is eye-catching without being eye-watering.

Top It Off with the Perfect Roof

Perhaps the most underrated aspect of designing a home façade is choosing the right roof. Many people simply choose a roof that represents their favourite colour or material, but it is important to make sure that the design of your roof goes perfectly with the rest of your exteriors. Choosing a colour that blends masterfully with the colour of your home takes the entire design to the next level. Your roof’s material is another important aspect to be considered carefully as you need to choose a material that meshes well with the rest of your house while providing maximum durability and protection from the weather.

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