Your Luxury Home Part 1 – Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

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Your bathroom is your palace, the one place in your home where you are guaranteed privacy as you relax after a long day. Nothing is more refreshing than taking a nice shower after work, and it is important to make your bathroom and its features as pleasing to the eye as they deserve to be. Luxury bathroom design transforms your home by making every trip to the bathroom a wonderful journey, while your guests will praise your design choices every time they drop by. No matter the size of your home, the following ideas will ensure your house possesses some of the most luxury modern bathrooms.

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Luxury Bathroom Ideas


Skylights are a great addition to any bathroom thanks to both their functional and aesthetic qualities. Installing skylights into your ceiling allows natural light to beam down into the space, saving you money on electricity while filling your bathroom with the calming light of the sun and moon. If you are someone who likes to take nice, relaxing baths, having skylights installed above your bath allows you to lie back and stare up at the stars in the night sky, creating a perfect ambience that lies at the heart of luxury bathroom design.

Heated Flooring

Nothing is worse than stepping out of a re-invigorating warm shower during winter and having your relaxation ruined by stepping on freezing cold tiles. Heated flooring remedies this by keeping your feet as warm as the hot water, letting you stay relaxed as you walk across tiles of pure comforting bliss. When it comes to creating luxury modern bathrooms, heated flooring is an essential, especially in homes that really feel the cold during winter. Heated flooring comes with a thermostat that allows you to customise the temperature to create the perfect space for you.

Open Layouts

Who says bathrooms must be confined spaces? If privacy is not an issue, consider creating an open layout for your bathroom by removing some walls and having your bath and shower occupy the same space as your bedroom. A pinnacle of luxury bathroom design is comfort, and nothing is more comfortable than stepping out of a shower and straight into bed, turning your bathroom and bedroom into a combined luxury space.

Heated Towel Racks

Heated towels are a great accompaniment to a warm shower, allowing one to dry off without losing the relaxing properties that a hot shower brings. If you find yourself constantly disappointed as you endure the cold after a shower, installing heated towel racks helps create luxury modern bathrooms within your home. Heated towel racks also enhance the design of your bathroom as they come in a range of shapes and colours, allowing you to create a statement art piece that also offers luxury and comfort.

Rainfall Shower

One of the best luxury bathroom ideas is to install a rainfall shower, allowing you to experience the calming effects of rainfall within the comfort of your own home. They achieve this by using larger shower heads that spread the fall of the water across a wide space. These invigorating showers will start your day off right or help you relax after work, while their visual design helps transform your bathroom into a luxurious day spa. Rainfall shower heads come in both square and circular designs so you can pick the perfect shape for you.

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