Innovative Architects that Have Changed Architecture as We Know It

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Architecture is a whole world on its own, boasting its influences from all aspects of life and art as we know it. The best part is where each architect finds and retain their influences, and what they use to bring to life their own individual and unique designs. As technology advances and we move towards more sustainable ways of living, architecture is taking a complete 180 and proving to be one of the most revolutionary industries that is constantly changing with the times.

 Many of the greatest innovative architects in Australia come from all over the world, bringing their own unique styles and influences to bear on the buildings Down Under. Our own architecture is some of the most notable and interesting in the world, with a great deal of creativity on display across the countries – each state parading unparalleled touches.

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Innovative Design Architects

Francis Greenway – Convict Architect

Before being shifted to Sydney, Australia in 1814, Francis Greenway was a successful designer in Bristol, England. His talents were exploited by British Governor Lachlan Macquarie, who compelled him to design landmarks such as St James Church and the Supreme Court in Sydney’s CBD, along with St Matthew’s Church in Windsor. Greenway’s designs varied immensely, spanning from lighthouses to obelisks, churches and stables, to barracks, prisons, and even private dwellings.

From the initial stages of his architectural career to his dismissal in 1822, Francis Greenway oversaw the designs and alterations of a wide range of Sydney’s buildings, some of which have become iconic landmarks of the state such as Macquarie Lighthouse, Hyde Park Barracks, and site of the first Government House.

Glenn Murcutt – Pioneer of Australian Architecture

Known as one of the countries most internationally recognised and innovative design architects, Glen Murcutt has adopted a multitude of awards, mounting to the equivalent of a Nobel Prize, for his extensive and pioneering work. Murcutt takes his influence from architecture that is heavily rooted within Australia’s culture, diverse climates, and topography.

Glenn Murcutts buildings reflect a desire that he holds in maintaining harmony with the environment, something that is a growing movement within the industry itself. The homes that he creates are built in symmetry with its surrounding landscape, whereas most are built to compete. For most of Murcutts career as an architect, he spent time designing homes right across the country that boast sustainability and being one with the environment.

Alejandro Aravena – Socially Engaged Architect

Alejandro Aravena is a Chilean architect that has made a name for himself internationally for being one of the most socially engaged and innovative architects of his time. Running a major architectural firm, Aravena has worked alongside a team of creatives to build work in Chile, the United States, Mexico, China, and even Switzerland.

Something that Aravena takes pride in improving peoples ways of life by assessing social needs along with human desires, political, economic, and even environmental issues. Shifting away from the aesthetic approach to architecture that most take, his move focuses solely on bringing value and meaning to our every day lives. Some of his work extends to social housing, universities and municipalities, office buildings and more.

Jun’ya Ishigami – Enfant Prodige of Japanese Architecture

Jun’ya Ishigami is one of the most innovative voices in contemporary design and architecture. One of his most notable works is the Kanagawa Institute of Technology, followed by the Japanese pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, and the Magic Table, with more designs found throughout public and private buildings. Ishigami is known to adopt his creativity and influences through modern and contemporary aspects of life, with a vast majority incorporating large elements of the natural environment, or structures that live in unison with its landscape.

Ishigami does a phenomenal job of blurring the lines between what we know as architecture and art, with his experiments expanding far beyond exhibitions as we may know him from. What makes Jun’ya such a prominent and innovative creative is his use of glass among his creations, along with transparent beams to add to the seamless builds.

Kevin Fitzgerald

Known for specialising major commercial fitouts, Kevin Fitzgerald is nothing short of an award winning architect, with years of experience in interior design, and urban design. Currently known as the managing director of well known Sydney based firm HBO+EMTB, Kevin has had the pleasure of overseeing works such as the Australia Taxation Office, AAPT, and PriceWaterhouse Coopers.

Not only does Fitzgerald have dealings within the commercial architecture sector and has found himself commonly involved in various creative projects from residences, civic buildings, retail, and educational facilities, making him one of the more noted, yet humble innovative design architects.

Harry Seidler

Seidler, one of the worlds – and countries, most notable innovative architects has received a great deal of recognition for his contribution to the world of Australian architecture, designing more than 180 buildings throughout his successful career. Boasting majority residential works before moving onto commercial and public commissions, Seidler was a household name over the span of 58 years.

Born in Vienna, Harry Seidler studied building and construction and worked on his educational portfolio before moving to Australia when he was 24 – to design his parents home in Sydney. He then went on to design the Australian Square, Brisbane Riverside Centre, Theatre Royal Sydney, Embassy of Australia, and so much more.

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