Home Design Trends for 2022 & Beyond

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The world of architecture is incredibly expansive and ever-changing, with creativity and design at the forefront, we’re seeing new home design trends and structures all the time. Innovation is the norm within the architectural realm, and the designers themselves are always finding new ways to outdo not only their competition but more so themselves.

When it comes to trending house designs, they’re generally revised and enhanced versions of existing architecture and ideas. It’s all about curating something out of what’s already been created, only making it better, more innovative, and increasingly more practical and creative. In this blog, we’ll be discussing some of the most noted design trends for 2022, and our projection of architectural designs for the coming future.

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2022 Home Design Trends & Architectural Innovation

Compact & Convenient Homes

Sustainability has become a major selling point for new homes, with homeowners, builders, and designers starting to incorporate as many environmentally friendly materials as possible. Not only that but adding fundamentals of mother nature, in general, is a common aspect. What started out as a small, convenient trend for those who didn’t want to spend thousands on a home, has become a serious living choice for many. Compact and tiny homes are known to make less of an impact on the Earth thanks to their minimal need for so many materials, but also thanks to the ability to include aspects such as unstained timber, low profile exteriors, and recycled glass, and materials of the like.

Sustainable Structures

As mentioned, sustainability has become a focal point within architecture and design, with the aim to harmoniously merge mother nature with new homes, encouraging us to co-exist without causing any implications on the environment. This reduced our carbon footprint on the earth and promotes clean living and general lifestyles. As much as structures overall are being built to be one with nature, designs themselves are being strategically considered all the way down to how light, air, and filtration works within a home. Every single aspect is being brought to the forefront when it comes to trending house designs and sustainability.

Landscape Influenced Interiors

With a nod to the theme of nature, architecture isn’t all about the exterior or a home or structure. When it comes to the interior design aspect, we’ve seen such a major trend of bringing earth tones into the home. From concrete and timber floors, recycled accents, and more, everyone wants to feel like they’ve escaped the hustle and bustle of reality and sink into their home that brings them back down to earth. Not only is this something we’ve seen within home designs, but it’s becoming increasingly popular and of great demand in the workforce as well, with commercial properties going urban and industrial, bringing greenery, timber, upcycled furniture, and other fundamental aspects that connect employees with nature indoors.

Smart Homes & Smart Architecture

It’s no secret that smart homes are the way of the future, and with the dawn of smart tv’s and things like Google Nest and Alexa, additional AI-friendly technology have emerged in tandem with home design trends. As tech becomes increasingly more sophisticated, architects and designers are finding ways to incorporate it into their structures, bringing us heated flooring, built-in sensors, identification systems to unlock homes, just to name a few. All of these fundamentals are being incorporated into architecture as a way of reducing the energy consumption that comes with general living.

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