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Architecture is an imaginative art associated with constructing and designing. Just as painting, dancing, or fashion design, it involves the entire process of building and planning – from conception to completion – including designing, assembling and servicing a project. It’s not a simple feat; being creative and patient are two qualities required for success in architecture. Good design in architecture isn’t hard to find, but coming up with concepts that are both feasible and innovative is what you could call the trick of the trade.

While creativity is often seen as the main feature of architecture, there are many other factors that play a vital role in making good architectural design. In this blog, we’re going to be laying out some of our top ideas for great design in architecture, hopefully nourishing your inspiration and leading to designs we’ve yet to see.

Our Top Ideas for Good Design in Architecture

Commercial Architectural Ideas

This year alone promises to be a year of progress for commercial structures, integrating aspects of nature such as plants and water features into their designs. This will result in more pleasant environments that are healthier and more enjoyable for those who occupy them. Additionally, natural lighting is likely to become increasingly prevalent, further enhancing the quality of these spaces.

Utilise Natural Resources

Take advantage of the elements already present in your area and include them into the structure you are building. This could include using the sun to provide natural light, harvesting rainwater for irrigation, or taking advantage of the local wind to cool buildings.

Make Use of Sustainable Materials

Using green materials such as rammed earth or insulated concrete forms is what we consider to be good building design as well as a great way to build energy-efficient structures that are both economical and eco-friendly.

Create Flexible Spaces

Flexibility is key when it comes to creating good design in architecture. Think about how a space could be used for multiple purposes and create spaces that can grow or shrink with the needs of its inhabitants.

Utilise Technology

As technology advances, so does our ability to create advanced structures and designs. Think about using 3D printing, computer-aided design and even robotics to build structures faster, better, and more efficiently.

Focus on Human Interaction

Architecture should be about creating spaces that are enjoyable for people to use. Think about how people will interact with the space, from the materials used to the circulation of movement in order to create user-friendly spaces.

Industrial Architectural Ideas

Good building design specifically in industrial architecture is growing in popularity, and for good reason. Throughout the last few years, we have seen a major turnaround in these areas of building design and have learned so much in the way of industrial buildings – they no longer need to boast generic and dated designs.

Make Use of Colour

The use of colour in industrial settings is often overlooked. Adding bold and creative colors to your industrial architecture can add a fun and modern twist to a structure that might otherwise be seen as muted and uninspiring.

Focus on Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in how a space looks and feels, and in industrial architecture it’s no different. Make sure to consider the right kind of lighting for the job, as well as other factors like natural light, artificial lighting and even colour temperature.

Experiment with Geometries

Industrial architecture doesn’t have to be boring. Think outside of traditional rectilinear forms and use different geometries to create interesting and innovative designs.

Focus on Safety Standards

Industrial structures need to be up to code and safe for those working in the environment. Make sure you are following all the necessary safety protocols and standards set out by your local building codes.

Maximise Efficiency

As with any structure, industrial buildings should be built to maximise efficiency and reduce waste as much as possible. Think about the way in which materials are used, and how energy consumption is minimised and think about ways to reduce the costs of construction.

Integrate Technology

Modern technology can help to create a more efficient and productive structure when used correctly. From automation and sensors to AI-driven data systems, incorporating technology into your design can have numerous benefits.

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