Design Spotlight: What is Contemporary Architecture?

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Contemporary architecture isn’t necessarily defined by a single style, it’s where an abundance of modern styles blend. The contemporary style is unified in its mission to be unconventional, innovative, and imaginative. While there’s an ongoing debate about when contemporary architecture came to be, it’s believed to have originated in the second half of the 20th century. Contemporary architects of the modern era are no longer limited to creating linear forms, as they now have an arsenal of innovative materials and methods at their fingertips. Understanding what is contemporary architecture goes deeper than understanding it’s history. It involves design, art, methods, and architectures ever-changing environment.

With the ability to create complex designs that are computer generated, which can be printed, manufactured and enhanced by new technologies, architects can create forms and build projects that prove challenging, precise, and unprecedented.

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What is Contemporary Architecture: A Break Down


Open Floor Plans

Instead of using walls to define each area in a home, contemporary architecture favours light filled, open spaces that offer the perfect flow from one room to the next. When it comes to contemporary designs, forget about walking through doors to the kitchen and living room, it’s all about creating one large, complementary space.

Borrowed Ideas and Aspects

The world of modern architecture sees elements borrowed from classicised styles. Contemporary architecture in itself is a style that adopts free-flowing forms of creativity, portraying more of a curvilinear design. In the modern world, architects use computer generated software to generate rendered images and concepts of their designs, giving us a real-life pitch of what an idea could be.

Designs to be Noticed

Contemporary architecture, including residential home designs, generally offers a clean, no-fuss aesthetic, the exterior is a more considered thoughtful design, creating a refined aesthetic with hidden details that allow a free-flowing form. Contemporary design is where architects make their mark and create art to be noticed.

Nature-Focused Designs

When you look at contemporary home design, it’s hard to miss the bold glass walls, overhanging roofs, and large scale windows that give natural light the ability to filter through. This style is made to create a sense of harmony between the structure and nature itself, combining the environments as if the home is a product of its surroundings.

Eco-Building Forms

Sustainable design has become increasingly popular in recent years, and we believe that it’s the way of the future as architects now utilise eco-friendly materials, processes that minimise the output of damage to our natural surroundings and so much more. As well as this being an imperative part of a design and building process, buyers are also looking at investments in green buildings and companies that prioritise eco-friendly movements. Without buyers, the process of sustainable contemporary home design and the building wouldn’t be able to move forward.

The Future with Contemporary Architecture

Today’s architectural styles are very present and numerous, however, the contemporary style is ever-evolving among nature and sustainable practices, while adopting aspects of our tech society to cater to the general population. Because of this, contemporary architecture is here to stay. The high-tech movement of today’s world gives architects the opportunity to expand and enhance their routines of design, giving us bold construction, new generational living spaces, future-forward work environments and so much more. With a real mosaic of styles, contemporary architecture currently stands as the dominant approach to architectural movements.

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