What is the Architectural Design Process?

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There’s a lot that goes into creating a building from beginning to end. A lot of people think of architecture as construction, as that is the phase of the building creation process that is the most visible. But there is a lot more to the architectural design process that goes into creating a building.

The Architectural Design Process – Phases of Architectural Design

Clements Clarke serves as a commercial and residential architect Brisbane wide. Many of our clients have never worked with an architectural firm before, so they don’t know the architectural design process or the stages of building design. We are often asked about the phases of architectural design because our clients want to know what to expect when working with us. Here’s what goes into designing a building from start to finish.

Phase 1) The Pre-design Phase

The pe-design phase of the architectural design process is also known as the ‘programming phase’ or the ‘master planning phase’. This is when the initial major planning happens. The architects at Clements Clarke will meet with the client to establish the vision for the building design. We’ll discuss the goals the client has for the structure, as well as any design features and the overall aesthetics they want included. We will also cover the intended primary uses of the space. All of this information will be used to establish the basis for all the other phases of the architectural design.

Phase 2) Schematic Design

In this phase, the architect will begin the process of bringing the design to life by making several drawings. It is much easier to visualise a design once there are images created. These drawings will provide a first glimpse into what the building will look like as it starts to take shape. The drawings also act to help the architect and the architectural team to visualise and imagine the practicality and usability of such space, and to make any changes that need to be made to make the project more feasible. Throughout this phase in the design process, the architect will meet with the client for approval and to make sure the designs are in harmony with the vision the client has.

Phase 3) Design Development

This is the phase when the rest of the architectural team and the structural engineers gets heavily involved. The schematic drawings are used by the design and engineering team to create the details that go into making a building functional. In this phase, the plans will go from being artistic mock ups into realistic designs, as the team works out the floor plans, parking, and other finishing details. It is also during this phase that 3D modelling will be created.

Phase 4) Construction Drawing Phase

In this phase, all of the design development plans are translated into actual construction plans. You can think of this as the time when the building plans and construction instructions will be formulated. These construction plans will be used to guide the construction contractors when building the structure. These plans will also be used when applying for the necessary permits. This is the last phase in the design process before construction begins.

Phase 5) Construction Commences

After all of the stages of building design and development are completed, construction will begin. During this phase there will be a set of the construction plans on site for the duration of the construction process as all of the planning and all of the design work will finally come together to create the building.

The Architectural Process Used by Us

As a residential and commercial architect, this is the design process that Clements Clarke will follow to create a unique home or commercial building for you. If you’d like to learn more about our services and what we can do for you, get in touch by calling us on 07 3852 3944 or by using our online form. We look forward to working with you.

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