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Clements Clarke has a longstanding reputation for architectural excellence, designing many residential and commercial projects across the greater Brisbane region. With this great range of work, our multi residential architect design portfolio is diverse and includes numerous lifestyle choices. We provide our clients with high quality, innovative and sustainable design solutions by using the design process as a tool for problem-solving and achieving outstanding project outcomes.

Bridging the gap between home and work, our multi-residential buildings enable spaces for relaxing and entertaining and ideal settings for office use. Whether delivering a contemporary apartment block to a dense city centre, we strive to create buildings that respond to their context and environment.

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The Multi Residential Architecture Design Process

Design Plans

Design development plans typically involve a review of multi residential architecture drawings that detail the major elements of the design, typically including elevations, sections, and floor plans. The plans also include details of the building layout, materials to be used and finishes to be applied. Our apartment architects will typically consult with mechanical engineers to develop a coordinated set of documents as part of this process. In some cases where there are technical aspects to the design, such as energy efficiency or fire safety, and additional consultants may be involved at this stage.

Construction Detailing

The next step in this process is to flesh out the detail, going through the entire floor plan and exterior elevations, in addition to all mechanical items in facilities – bathrooms, kitchens, elevator, plumbing, electrical, etc. – in much greater detail. We also offer the option of viewing the layout of a building before construction through a virtual reality visualisation tool.

Certification and Permits

Alternative designs may require changes to meet zoning or building criteria. More than just an architect, we can help you with the development process too. Our apartment architects are familiar with local council requirements, building codes and standards, have contacts with structural engineers, building certifiers, quantity surveyors and the like to make the process of bringing any design to fruition as smooth as possible!

Builder Selection

We can assist you in identifying and evaluating potential builders and contractors to ensure the best fit for your project and provide support for any issues that might arise during the construction process. A Clements Clarke multi residential architect can also manage your entire project through detailed drawings and the tender to complete and hand over to you as owner. We will also help you keep in touch with all aspects of the building, such as budgeting, planning, permits and inspections.

Why choose Clements Clarke Architects for multi residential architect projects?

With over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial property development, our multi-residential and townhouse architects can assist from the site selection onward, assessing the site with you to generate ideas about your desired outcome, the number of units, target market, and researching site constraints before purchasing it. We work closely with quantity surveyors that can assist in determining construction costs from an early stage to ensure a successful investment.

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