Architecture Around the World Part 4 – Modern Scandinavian Architecture

Woman sitting with a coffee cup in front of house built and designed with modern Scandinavian architecture | Featured image for the Modern Scandinavian Architecture Blog by Clements Clarke Architects.

One of the more recent architectural styles to be recognised within the industry, modern Scandinavian architecture takes its influence from the works of Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Finland. Blending both modern and historical aesthetics, this is a sleek style that blends simplicity and comfort with a focus on utilising natural light. While modern Swedish architecture and its counterparts are designed based on the unique climate of the region, it can easily be recreated in any location by working with the right architects.

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What is Modern Scandinavian Architecture?

When exploring the characteristics that make Scandinavian architecture unique, one is likely to encounter bright whites, natural wood tones, folk motif decorations, colour washed furnishings and trims, and a commitment to simplicity. Colours that frequently appear in Scandinavian design include blues, reds, pinks, yellows, and pleasant greens. Most Scandinavian homes feature a blend of these modern principles alongside more traditional styles from the region’s past.

Modern Swedish architecture, along with architecture from its neighbouring countries, places an emphasis on comfort above all else. This is born out of the long winters and cold weather that dominates these lands, meaning residents spend most of their time indoors. This comfort is achieved through everything from cozy areas that can be easily heated to adding natural textures to the walls. While we do not suffer the same harsh weather here in Australia, this comfort-based style can easily be replicated to achieve the same desired effect.

It all begins with decluttering your space, as nobody feels comfortable in a room that is overcrowded. Soft and cozy modern furnishings go a long way to recreating the classic Scandinavian style, while white or light-coloured walls are the way to go when it comes to paint. Additional elements like soft blankets, throw pillows, and candles are the perfect finishing touches for helping to create a slice of Northern Europe in your own home.

The Faces of Modern Scandinavian Architecture

When it comes to historical architecture in Scandinavia, there are several key figures who helped influence modern Scandinavian architecture. The buildings these geniuses worked on still stand strong and remain as a monument to the power of creativity and collaboration.

Ragnar Ostberg (1866-1945)

Hailing from Sweden, Ragnar Ostberg is best known for designing Stockholm City Hall, which remains a major tourist attraction and is the site of the Nobel Prize banquet. The biggest name in architecture during the height of his career, Ostberg helped shape modern Swedish architecture into what it is today. Sought after for both commercial and private projects, Ostberg also designed mansions for some of the country’s most influential families.

Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971)

A Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen helped to shape the landscape of the country’s design while also influencing his fellow architects around the world. Fascinated by both small and large projects, Jacobsen’s works ranged from designing teaspoons to Denmark’s National Bank. Beyond his architectural feats, Jacobsen is most famous for the simple yet fashionable range of chairs he designed. Both his Swan and Egg chairs remain popular today and play a key role in creating the comfort that Scandinavian architecture is known for.

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