How to Future Proof Your Home

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Anyone who has been affected by the recent floods or other extreme weather events knows the importance of a well-designed home. More than ever, it’s increasingly important to design homes that can withstand severe weather conditions. Unfortunately, many traditional home designs are not suited well for heavy rains, winds, and extreme heat, so the damage to your property and your health can increase. Thankfully, there are a number of future proof design home ideas that Clement Clarke Architects are experts in.

We are experts in designing and constructing homes that can withstand the worst blows Mother Nature has to offer. From selecting the right materials and building methods to incorporating features like windbreaks and rainwater storage, we can help you create a comfortable and safe haven from the storm.

Are you concerned about weather damage to your home? Build your future home with Clements Clarke Architects. Contact us online or get in touch with a phone call on 07 3852 3944.

How to future proof your home

If you’re concerned about the harsh elements of nature or manmade disasters, whether it’s floods or the heat, future proof your home with the following in mind. By the end of the article, you can ensure your home will stand strong for years to come.


As any Australian knows, the summer heat can be unbearable and in the summer months, Australia’s hot climate can be disastrous. Often, bushfires break out, leaving communities in devastation. But there are ways for a future proof design to go against the heat. By installing shutters and blinds, you can keep the sun out, and help to regulate the temperature inside your home. Additionally, making sure that your home is well insulated will also help to keep the heat at bay. By taking these simple steps, you can protect yourself and your family from the worst of the summer heat.


Many homes located in Australia’s more deserted areas suffer from a lack of water and extreme heat, so if you’re wondering how to future proof your home from the drought, the team at Clements Clarke Architects will help. Being Brisbane-based, we understand the heat the Australian weather can inflict on homes, that’s why we design our homes with comfort in mind. In our design phase, we’ll incorporate features such as freshwater tanks and solar panels to help you reduce your dependence on the grid just in case you need to be self-sustained. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your home will be drought-proofed for the future.

Cold Climates

If you live in a cold climate, future proofing your home against ice dams, drafty rooms and ice storms is essential to living in a safe environment. The materials and structure of your house need to be able to withstand snowfall and worse. One way to do so is with a metal cable roof. This is where the two sides of the roof slope downward, allowing for drainage that isn’t interfered with. Metal is a durable material that sheds snow easily while rarely leaking through. Cold-climate homes also require chimneys. For this, you don’t necessarily be living in the snow. The Sunshine Coast Hinterlands is cold enough in the winter that you may start a fireplace to heat the home.


Southeast Queensland, including many Brisbane locations, are often prone to flooding. This makes investing in your home and the safety of your family essential. When flooding occurs, it’s not only the force of the water you need to protect your home from, but the debris it carries, which can damage property easily enough and pose a safety hazard. When floodwaters recede, they often leave behind a layer of mud and silt, which can be difficult to clean up and can lead to health problems. Flooding also often causes power outages, which can disrupt life for days or even weeks. As a result, it is essential to take steps to protect your home and family from the dangers of flooding. Investment in flood-proofing measures such as levees, elevated homes, and sump pumps can help to minimise the damage caused by flooding and keep your family safe.

Choose Clements Clarke Architecture

Design your future home with a bespoke residential architectural firm studio that takes into consideration the needs of you and your family. While we specialise in traditional and contemporary architecture. In the early stages of planning, we look at the main functions of the space and tailor this space to the environment you’re in. Whether that’s the blistering heat of Brisbane city, drought-afflicted areas inland or flood-prone areas, we will tailor designs to ensure they are future proof.

Create your future proof design home with us

Are you looking to build a property that will stand the test of time? Get in touch with Clements Clarke Architects, your residential architect Brisbane trusts. Whether you have ideas on how to future proof your home or you’re interested in starting from scratch with us, call the team on 07 3852 3944 or get in touch via the online form.

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